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Chinas smart manufacturing has become the top ten trend of global manufacturing development

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Chinas smart manufacturing has become the top ten trend of global manufacturing development

Date of release:2017-11-23 Author:欧凯机电 Click:

The report of the 13th Five-Year Plan for Packaging Equipment shows that people are generally concerned about the Chinese market; what is the understanding of the realization of the autonomy of China's packaging machinery and equipment? The reporter learned from this issue that the development of China's packaging machinery has been relying on reform and opening up. In the major task of industrial adjustment and revitalization determined by the State Council’s “Revision and Revitalization Plan for the Equipment Manufacturing Industry” of the State Council, it is clearly stated that nine major industries including light industry, including packaging equipment, should be seized to realize the independence of China’s equipment. This is a request from the national level for the main body of property rights, research and development, and technological innovation of packaging equipment, that is, to realize the autonomy of China's equipment.

Rely on what to achieve the independence of our equipment? How can packaging equipment achieve technological innovation? How can packaging machinery prop up its own national brand on the world stage of packaging machinery. For a long time, our national research and packaging technology has been weak and weak, and we cannot break through existing packaging innovation technologies and packaging technology achievements. The relevant research institutions do not attach importance to the development and production of their own patented packaging technology new products and rely on imitating livelihoods. The reporter learned that at present, many of the Chinese packaging research industry's technical teams are unable to meet the new requirements of development. Not only are the technical strengths weak, but a large number of scientific and technical personnel are transferred from other industries. The expertise structure is flawed, and mechanical machinery does not understand the mechanical process. , Unfamiliar with the packaging industry process of packaging, professional education and professional education of on-the-job technical cadres lag behind. If China's packaging research and technical departments, senior researchers, and relevant advocacy media are able to negotiate with one another, self-reliance, hard work, solidarity and unity, visionary leaders and entrepreneurs effectively support the education, research, and design departments of packaging machinery from a policy and material perspective. , so that they walk in front of the world's packaging machinery production, rather than lagging behind production needs. In China, there has been an uproar; the discussion of the country's retreat and advancement has, among other things, the entry of foreign capital, which has caused many of China’s old national brands to be controlled by foreign capital, triggering the government’s national anxieties. In the past, if the important national brands of the country were all reduced to foreign brands, the national industry would have its own name. This is not a child's play!